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Monday, June 05, 2006

Show #5 is in the bag

I've posted show #005. Enjoy!

Today we talk about Geocaching, what it is, what the word means and where it came from.
I found some really interesting articles on how the DoE is dealing with the problem of buried nuclear waste that has a half life of about 10,000 years.
I talk a little bit about the film Lucky Number Slevin (if you haven't seen it go rent it now!).
I play a song by Beth Quist from the Magnatune label.
I finish out the show with a mini-rant on driving and courtesy.

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Show notes:
Geocaching web site.
History of Geocaching
What is a GPS device?
Choose a GPS
Magellan GPS systems
Garmin GPS sytems

DoE Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
DoE WIPP Passive Institutional Controls

Lucky Number Slevin

Beth Quist at Magnatune

Traffic information:
Defensive driving
WHO report on traffic injury prevention
Road rage prevention
Road Ignorance

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Thanks for listening!


  • I've been asked if there was a particular incident that "inspired" my talk about traffic.

    Not really.

    It's an ongoing issue I have with drivers on the road these days.

    If most of the drivers on the road today paid more attention and took a few minutes to be a little more polite, instead of being unobservant or downright rude, driving would be much less stressful in heavy traffic.

    By Blogger The_Mad_Elf, at 2:48 AM  

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