Off Topic Talk

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 1 - Off Topic Talk

This is the place to come for rambling discourse on my topic of the moment.
I've been following podcasts for about 8 months now and enjoying them a great deal.
I've been inspired to try my hand at a podcast as well. I've been trying to figure out a concept and format to use.

One concept I keep hearing from existing podcasters is to talk about what you are passionate about. My first idea was to do a kind of "geek-ish" focused podcast. I am a geek, I'm interested in many geek like activities (science fiction & fantasy literature, moves, television), RPG's, tech-toys, computers, etc. There are a lot of shows like this out there, already doing very well with what I wanted to do. Go check out,, and for great examples. I know there are more but these are inspirations to me.

I considered a theme around personal safety, health and welfare: health, mental health, diet/nutrition, self-defense, exercise & fitness, etc. I'm conversant on all of those subjects and very interested in them but I do not know if I could maintain a weekly or bi-weekly cast about all of that for very long. I also do not know if I could be consistent in my passion for all those subjects in the same way I am on my hobbies.

So now we come to my final idea. I like to experiment and seek out new experiences and share the ones that I really enjoy.
So we have Off Topic. Here I will present whatever has my attention at the time. I can be passionate about a great many things and this provides an outlet to share all of them over time.

Welcome to Off Topic.



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