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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Notes for Show #006

Thanks to those who have followed me from the beginning!
For the new listeners I hope you find a happy spot in my show and come back for more!

This time around our main topic is about diet and fitness. Some of my own perspectives on the subject and encouragement to go out and become healthier.

I found a neat article about the latest and greatest jump rope technology.

Magnatune artist TranceVision brings us the song Phantom.

We close out the show with some history about a famous dark figure from Victorian era England.

Thanks for listening!

Easy steps for early weight loss
Getting started and staying with an exercise program
Weight Watchers
School food issue
Childrens activity levels at home
The Birthday Challenge
A neat web tool to help motivate your exercise program

Jump rope tech
More about the new jump rope

Scary Children
Edward Gorey

TranceVision at Magnatune

Spring Heeled Jack
More about Spring Heeled Jack

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