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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just in time for my holiday!

Show number 15 is coming to an aggregator near you!

I've got feedback from several listeners, thanks all of you! (and listen to Russels podcast!)

Not directly show related but I was interviewed by Chris Fisher from the Adult Space Child Free podcast. It was a lot of fun! Our talk will probably by out in April(?)

I've been talking about trans-humanism for a while but I didn't realize if until fairly recently.
So I have discovered that Ray Kurzwiel is my new technology hero.

More information on trans-humanism.
Wired magazine.

Metalosis Maligna!!! Not for the squeamish!!! (Russel, this looks like something you might write!).

Giant rabbits abound and invade Korea!

Tom Smith, the Worlds Fastest Filker!
Some of Tom's music.

Listen to Awaretek!

Direct download.

Alright folks due to some traveling I'm doing, show number 16 probably wont be out until April.
However while we're waiting for that I'll try and get a Microcast or 2 out to tide you over.
Also, please listen to the Babylon podcast. I am probably going to be in the studio audience on the show recorded Wed March 21st. I might not say anything but I'll at least be there (if all the travel plans work out).

Carry on.

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  • Damn, and to think that I had SOMEHOW managed to forget about the centipedes... Thanks a lot for reminding me. Sheesh. Well, despite that, I must admit that I am still really enjoying your show! Your earnest delivery style is very refreshing, given that it seems most podcasters seem to revel in their jadedness. Good on ya.


    By Blogger rlburt, at 8:59 PM  

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