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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

News, news, news!

Some changes are going to be coming to Off Topic Talk in the near future.
I have my own ful fledged domain name and some web-space online.
Over the next couple of months I'll be migrating Off Topic Talk to a new home.
I expect that I will run into technical problems and unseen glitches during this process so make sure you check back here often for updates.
Also keep an eye on the RSS feed. I'll be implementing a new one, once I get everything sorted out, because I'll be storing the files in a different location. I'll keep this feed active for a while but eventually it will no longer get updated.

I will post updates to the podcast RSS feed as they come up.

In other news I'm actually getting ready to launch a new podcast.
This one is going to focus heavily on the gaming geek side of my nature.
I will post some notices here for those of you interested in checking it out, once it goes live.
So keep your ears open for news of the Adjusted Dexterity podcast.

Thanks for staying with the show.
Carry on.


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