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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Episode #13 is up

Well, that was quick.
I'm not sure what happened but I had some notes written down for show 13 and all of a sudden,
BANG! I was inspired by everything I'd been collecting for the show.

So now it's up and ready for your listening pleasure.

AIDS anti-virus virus

Vibrating Apples

Laser Strings


What is a koto?

Animals in the Underground

The Tube

The Ultimate Whiteboard

Better Living through chemistry

Modafinil - for sleep disorders

Live theater - the big time & local shows

Penda's Fen

Direct download

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  • Genetic engineering is going to continue to be a major headache but there is no denying that it's potential for "good" is almost limitless. Same for the use of chemical solutions although we know for a fact they have the ability to be a more fundemental problem to society far quicker.
    I wonder how the Laser Koto compares to the laser harp thingy used by French composer Jean Michele Jarre over the last decade, they look pretty similar:)

    By Blogger Jarrak, at 7:38 AM  

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