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Monday, November 20, 2006

Show # 012 is online

I've got show #12 in the feed now.

I start the show off with a little feedback, since I have some from show #010.
Chris from memepunks talks some more about immortality.

Russel Burt from Come Let Me Whisper was very complimentary in his show #29.

Jarrak from the forums at SciFi dig was one of my first listeners and continues to send feedback.

John Lenahan corrected my chapter count on his excellent story Shadowmagic, 32 episodes not 18!

I've got a collection of news and media links with some interesting concepts.
Stonehenge – historical info

Stonehenge modern reconstruction

New sign language

Overclocked podcast 56 – re: Sony Reader

Link to Sony reader at Sony's site

Fast Company magazine article about LifeBits and memory

The show then turns towards my interest in social awareness as I go off into a semi-rant about taking things for granted. Although my emphasis is more on not taking things for granted.

I then encourage people to check out the pod-story How to Succeed in Evil.

And we end the show with a pleasant instrumental piece from John Shields at Frogger 5

Oh, I played 2 promo's today.
A great gaming podcast All Games Considered
Mur Lafferty's fabulous podcast GeekFu Action Grip.

Direct Download.

Carry on!


  • Thanks for the mention:)
    I've said elsewhere that there is plenty of room for shorter programming, much easier to fit into a day compared to the 1 hour plus podcasts. Thankfully the more personal type of cast fits into this category.
    Damn shame Stonehenge was rebuilt using fairly modern techniques, it does kinda take away some of the magic but no denying that our long gone ancestors were at the cutting edge of construction.
    When you can roll up or fold something like the SONY Reader the I will be interested:)

    By Blogger Jarrak, at 7:25 AM  

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